Good Wine, Great Gin, Less Calories?!

Do you ever feel guilty about sipping away a bottle of wine in the evening while reading your favourite true crime book, or when you go out for a few gin and tonics with the girls? I usually even avoid thinking about the number of calories I drank and end up skipping meals to make up for it. Only in the summer though, I just love pizza too much.

Turns out, there is an actual solution to the problem! SkinnyBooze is a company which sell lower-calorie (but not lower quality) wine, beer, champaign and gin!

They have a couple of exciting options, whether you are just looking for options with less calories than your usual wine or a gluten-free beer, maybe some vegan friendly alcohol. They even have free delivery and a subscription service as well, so here are my favourite options!

Vegan-Friendly Ciders and Vegan-Friendly Beers

The ciders have 36% less calorie than your usual cider and cost less than £3/bottle! They come in Blueberries and Apple, Cranberries & Limes (sounds awesome, can’t wait till it gets here!) and Raspberries and Pomegranates. 

Their beer sounds similarly amazing – 36% fewer calories, vegan and gluten-free and a case of 24 is only £32.95!

All sounds perfect for a summer BBQ.

Price for the cider: A case (12 x 500ml) for £33.98

Skinny White Wines

One of the other things I love in the summer is a cold glas of rosé or white wine and they have an impressive selection of that too. Usually these wines have more sugar than the red wines but SkinnyBooze has options with 30% less calories than usual.

They have a pretty impressive selection with surprisingly good prices. I wanted to order a case of 6 rosé, but unfortunately, they were out. Still, a case of 6 costs around £60 which is cheaper than most wines I’d buy in the supermarket.

It’s Always Gin’o Clock at Mine

Is there anything better than sitting in a garden and sipping G&T’s and soaking up the sunshine? No, didn’t think so. I have 2 or 3 types of gin and countless different types of tonic at home at any given time (I really should get a bar cart for my hobby of drinking) but never came across the options with less calories in the gin! Sue me, but slimline tonic just doesn’t taste the same.

Their own brand has 28% fewer calories in it than most brands, however, it doesn’t actually classify as a gin with its lower alcohol content, but if the taste is right, I won’t mind the difference. You can get the gin here. Unfortunately, they are out of the pink gin at the moment.